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    Kelly Candaele - Producer of several documentaries including "A League of Their Own", about his mother's career as a professional baseball player.
    Catherine Growdon - Producer of documentary film "When Hope and History Rhymed" about the peace process in Northern Ireland.
    Celia Brugman - Associate Producer
    • Matt Robertson - Director, Writer, Producer
    • Sam Johnson - Director, Editor, Cinematography
    • Zachary Fernandez - Director, Editor, Cinematography
    • Hillary Fay - Associate Producer, Writer, Translator, Interviewer
    • Devin Collins - Translator, Interviewer
    • Kyle Heise - Translator, Interviewer, Writer
    • Ryan White - Writer, Interviewer
    • Alexander Nokoff - Cinematography
    • Suzanna DiBenedetto - Interviewer
    • Taylor Schwartz - Editor, Cinematographer
    • Fernando Macias-Jimenez - Composer